ⓘ Tommy Jarvis


ⓘ Tommy Jarvis

Si Tommy Jarvis ay isang karakter sa mga serye ng pelikulang Friday the 13th noong mga dekada 1980. Siya ay naging isang mortal na kaaway ng sikat na mass murderer na si Jason Voorhees.

Siya ay ginampanan ng mga sikat na aktor na sina Corey Feldman, John Sheperd at Thom Mathews.


1. Casting

Ayon sa isang interview, tinalakay ni Thom Mathews na ang preparasyon para sa kanyang role, na nagpapahayag na:

".I didn’t really feel a lot of pressure. I really liked the script a lot, Tom McLoughlin did a great job and it spoke to me. I knew what I wanted to do. It was probably the closest character that I’ve played to myself. I had a great experience and going to just outside of Atlanta and shooting for six weeks. It was a blast." "When I saw Part V, I wasn’t thrilled and I was kind of scared. After I was hired, I started to do research and I looked at Part V and thought…oh no. I spoke to Tom and he told me what he wanted to do and everything was a lot better. In Part V, there was no lighting and the story was kind of weak. Maybe I should go back and look at it again. Maybe I’d have a different opinion of it now. But it scared the hell out of me."

2. Sa ibang media


  • Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter 1984
  • Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning 1985
  • Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives 1986
  • isinulat at idinirek ni Tom McLoughlin. Para sa orihinal na konsepto kay Tommy Jarvis ang bida ng Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter at Friday the 13th: A
  • si Cole sa iba pang Red Rangers Jason Lee Scott, Aurico, Tommy Oliver, Theodore J. Jarvis Johnson, Andros, Leo Corbett, Carter Grayson, Wesley Collins

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